Mission Statement:

Swed Solar Systems strives to maintain its position as the top innovator, manufacturer, and installer of alternative energy products and systems worldwide, while serving as a key advocate for the development and implementation of alternative energy practices at the government level, and as a leading authority on alternative energy responsible for disseminating information to the public and educational and research institutions.

Company Description:

Swed Solar Systems is established, registered in Sweden. The company is one high technology which mainly focuses on research and development, manufacturing, sale and service of complete Green Energy Solar power system and solar electronic equipment, taking high efficiency and energy saving as development direction.The products of the company mainly consists of six categories: First category is off-grid solar power system products, mainly including solar panel, Isolate power controller and stand along power inverter etc; Second category is on-grid solar power system products, mainly including PV solar module, grid tied power inverter etc; Third category is solar back up system, mainly including PV solar panel and backup power supply etc. Fourth category is solar panels products, mainly including Monocrystalline PV module and Polycrystalline PV panels etc. Fifth category is Solar Water Heater and sixth category Solar Water Pump.

Research, Development and International Cooperation:

Swed Solar Systems Through the cooperation with Swedish and Chinese companies, the manufacturing and management capability of the company are promoted. The advanced production and manufacturing engineering process is improved, so the production and manufacturing, engineering process design, machining, quality control and management level etc aspects of the company.

Future Development:

The company will closing surrounding energy saving and new energy supply field, in particular to do well the scale production of solar photovoltaic power industry. Completely promote the whole competition of the company. Make the company as one first is leading and world famous enterprise in the industry and a complete solar manufacturer with certain competition and influence in the world, and make greater contribution to energy saving and emission reduction, new energy source construction in global.