Customer Satisfaction

Customer in Focus


SWED SOLAR SYSTEM (SSS) is concentrate on the customer satisfaction and all the company policies are designed for facilitation and long affiliation of the customer with company. The SSS core objective is to make a family circle with company stakeholders especially with our customer. SSS introduced very unique policies for our customers which include the following.

Warranty policy:

Swed Solar Panels:

10 years for product defects in materials & workmanship

10 years for 90% of warranted minimum power output

25 years for 80% of warranted minimum power output

Swed Solar Hybrid Inverters:

12 month part replacement warranted*

Swed Solar Batteries:

12 month complete replacement warranted*

Swed Solar Water Heaters:

36 months part replacement and repairing warranted*

Swed Solar Hybrid AC:

       24   months part replacement and repairing warranted*

*Insurance Policy:

           A unique insurance policy is being introduced by Swed Solar Systems, called EXTENDED WARRANTY. Product like Solar Inverters, Solar Products principally have Limited Warranty period. After warranty period ends, Swed Solar Systems can extend Warranty for further 1 year, after inspection of product and it can be extendable until 5 years product life. Warranty fee is 10 % of the current price. Reservation for changing, modification and updating applied.

After Sale Service for Solar Panels:

Purchase price of Solar System, includes 5 year examination service for the panels. Customer can make additional extended service agreement in 5 years periods under warranty period of panel which is 25 years from the date of purchase.

Installment Policy:

            SWED SOLAR SYSTEM will introduce installment policy for our customers in which different banks will be involved with the SWED SOLAR SYSTEM to facilitate our customer and easy installment polices according to the customer affordability up to 5 years.