Swed Solar Systems

 A simple standalone system would typically consist of a few solar modules, a solar controller, an inverter and a battery bank. Sometimes they work in conjunction with other forms of generators, for example wind or diesel, to charge the battery bank. A simple grid connect system consists of a few solar modules and an inverter which converts the DC electricity into AC and is connected to the power grid through the electricity meter.         


Customer Satisfaction:

We always seem “quality is our life” So base on the precondition with higher quality, we optimize the total cost by “technical innovation” and “optimal management” to provide all global customers with high quality product and best.

Swed Solar Systems is registered in Sweden. The company is one high technology which mainly focuses on research and development, manufacturing, sale and service of complete Green Energy Solar power system and solar electronic equipment, taking high efficiency and energy saving as development direction.

Swed Solar Systems has planned to launch Solar Energy Project through a NETWORK approach to final customer. Company is also launching Guarantee, Insurance and Investment Policy. After Warranty period ends, customer can have insurance of the products for maximum 5 years. Solar Panels have already 25 years warranty. Investment will base on Interest free Investment.