Swed Solar Systems has developed as the complete solar system manufacturer with strong competition and influence after many years. The company has built up the manufacturing base for complete solar power system, solar energy, solar panel, solar home system, as a joint venture between Swedish and Chinese Engineers.


Through the cooperation with Swedish and Chinese companies, the manufacturing and management capability of the company are promoted. The advanced production and manufacturing engineering process is improved, so the production and manufacturing, engineering process design, machining, quality control and management level etc aspects of the company gradually approaches or reaches the level of the current advanced manufacturer in the world.



 1   Solar Panels

    →   Mono Crystalline Panel
Poly Crystalline Panel


2   Solar Hybrid Inverters 

   →  Grid-Tied Inverters
   →  Off-grid inverters (ScI SS Hybrid Inverter)


3  Solar Pump Inverter


4   Solar Batteries

→  GEL 100 AH Battery

   →  GEL 200 AH Battery


5   Solar Water Heater
Compact Pressurized Water Heater
Non-Pressurized Water Heater
Split Pressurized System


6  Solar Water Pump


7   Solar Hybrid AC


8   Accessories
Solar Water Heater

  →  Solar Pannel Ass