Solar Pump Inverter Layer 1
               Solar Pump Inverter


PT200 series inverter special for Pump

Inverter model: PT200-XXXD-3
Voltage level : 3 phases 380v+-15%
Power range: 0.75-37kW
Frequency range : 0.00 ~ 500.00Hz
Control system: high-performance MPPT control based on the DSP
Way of control: V/F control, vector control.




  1. Using advanced MPPT control technology, real-time detection of solar panels power voltage, tracking the highest voltage and current, charging to battery with the highest efficiency
  2. Using shuttle center keyboard high accuracy encoder, controlling accuracy 0.01HZ, having multiresolution setting function, easy operation and use.
  3. Using multiple power supply design, power input can use solar energy photovoltaic DC power supply, can also be a single-phase, three-phase AC power supply, simple wiring.
  4. Using wide voltage design, the inverter can remain stable under high and low voltage work, strong adaptability.pump




Inverter model: PT200-XXXD-3
Voltage level: 3 phases 220/380v+-15%
Power range: 0.75-37kW 
Frequency range: 0.00 ~ 400.00Hz
Control system: high-performance vector control based on the DSP

Way of control: V/F control. The open-loop flux vector control




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