Compact Pressurized Water Heater

Detailed Product Description:

1.   Glass vacuum tube solar collector, high temperature, antifreeze, vacuum insulation.
2.   Copper heat pipe, Start up quickly, transfers heat quickly, low start-upTemperature, low  temperature resistant
3.  Food-grade stainless-steel SUS304 2B inner tank, full-automatic welding technology, under the protection of magnesium rod, it can increase of service life. 
4.  High pressure polyurethane foaming insulation, as the prefect density and the thermal conductivity coefficient is small, so it can provide effective heat preservation 
5.  The outer tank is color steel plate, and it has good double anti-corrosion function.Gravity assisted heat pipe, unilateral heat transfer, high efficiency, low heat loss.


        *  This Compact stainless Steel Pressurized Solar water heater an absorber of high performance, which achieved over efficiency of 50 % on average.
        *  The Product can start up quickly, with the heat pipe transferring the heat energy into the    storage tank in one direction.
        *  It can withstand a pressure of 6 Bar, and can be directly connected with a City tape water.
        *  There is no water in the evacuated tube. Even when some of them are broken, the integrated pressurized solar water work normally.
        *  It achieves high efficient insulation due to the polyurethane foam.
        *  Due to simple structure, it is easy to assemble and install. The flat plate diffuse reflector support easy assembly with its module structure.
        *  The product can be used through the year in the cold climate.
        *  It can be used in combination with auxiliary electric booster.
        *  It has a long service life of 15 years.


Solar Water Heater Pressurized


Compact Pressurized Water Heater